..Me? Nerdrage?

I’ve come to a worrying realisation. I get far too angry over this game.

This dawned on me as I was slamming my fist on my desk in frustration after being disconnected at the end of an Onyxia 25 fight. The Paladin tanking helm had dropped, and I was excited to be able to roll on it. The master looter went through every other piece of loot first, but finally he got to the Judgement Heaume. At that precise moment my connection dropped out.

Frustrating, right?

That’s not the only time I’ve lost my temper over the game either. I silently fume when guildies sign up for a raid and then show up late or not at all. I argue with idiots in trade chat and /ra. I grit my teeth in frustration when my fps inexplicably drops down to 5 as I’m trying to pick up the adds on Anub. I swear loudly at my computer when I get disconnected and the game won’t boot me to the loading screen so I can log back in again.

The nerdrage  never lasts long, but it always pops up in times of trouble. I’m pretty sure I don’t get so angry so often about anything else in my life, so why do I get mad at World of Warcraft? And if it makes me so mad why do I still play?


One Response

  1. There’s nothing wrong with a little nerdrage. It shows that you’re human 😛


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