Prettiest Princess in the Raid

Okay so I’m possibly definitely way late on the t10 news, but have you seen what paladins are getting for our next tier set?

Okay, so it’s not hideous. It doesn’t look that bad at all. The main problem I have with it is… They’re giving us another kilt.

Now I know that plenty of classes wear dresses. All the clothies wear robes, druids wear ‘vestments’ (when you catch them out of form), even shamans have been known to throw on a mail kilt on occasion.

So what’s the difference between clothies/druids/shaman and paladins?

Paladins tank with their gear showing. And I for one will feel ridiculous going into battle as the main tank in my shiny new dress.

T11 revealed!
T11 Revealed!

It’s almost enough to make me work on my holy set…


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