A Bad Day of PuGs

Yesterday was the day I decided to faction transfer my priest. I hadn’t played her in a while, so I hopped onto her while she was still a draenei and bought some items with her triumph/conquest badges.

Then I decided, in all my wisdom, that I should pug a few raids on Alliance side for badges before I finished my faction change. I’d get badges, a chance at loot, and all my raid IDs would reset when I joined the Horde.

So I hopped into LFG and kept an eye on trade chat. My first PuG opportunity was a 25 Onyxia being organised in trade chat. Got an invite, got a summon, and then we were heading into the dragon’s lair!

Ooh, scary!

I should have realised that my group was destined for failure when the raid leader insisted on talking exclusively in raid warnings, but I decided to stay and give it a shot. Just because the raid leader’s an idiot doesn’t automatically mean we’ll wipe, right?


Five people died to cleave during the pull. We managed to struggle on to phase two where the main tank died to whelps and number of melee died to one of the big adds. The raid leader, a retribution paladin, spammed /rw calling for a druid to rez him, ignoring the fact that the tank was also dead.

After that wipe people started to leave and the raid was called.

Oh well. One bad pug, you can’t win them all right? I hopped back into LFG and found myself a group for another Onyxia raid, 10 man this time.

There were some people already at or near Ony’s lair, so I idled in Dalaran awaiting a summon. I watched as one by one my fellow group members were summoned away. Then I stood in Dalaran, no summon in sight, and watched as they entered the instance and began clearing trash.

[R][Kells]: Uh, guys? Can I get a summon please?

Why do they ignore me?

No answer. Time passes, it looks like they’re clearing more adds.

[R][Kells]: Hello? I didn’t get a summon…

Still no answer. They wipe on something (an add I’m assuming) and start the corpse run back. No one’s talking in raid chat. I ask for a summon again and no one responds.

Sigh. I left the raid and hopped back into LFG yet again.

This time I got invited to a Trial of the Crusader 10 man. We waited around for a while searching for a tank and healers. Eventually the raid leader announced we’d be two-healing it as he filled the final raid spot with a resto shaman from LFG.  That was fine by me, so we summoned him in. It was then that the raid leader got a good look at what he’d just invited.

[RL]: Um, I’m not too sure about this shaman. His gearscore is terrible and he doesn’t have the achievement.

My dislike of gearscore snobs led me to persuade the raid leader to give the shaman a chance. Everyone didn’t have the achieve at some point. It doesn’t mean that the shaman is a bad player, right?


Oh how wrong I was. The shaman idled around while I ended up chain casting greater heals on the tank during Gormok. He cast Earth Shield on the DPS warrior as the worms appeared, got the fire debuff, and died.

I had to use everything I had to get us through Icehowl alive, and by the time he died I was out of mana and feeling very stressed.

Thankfully the raid leader replaced the shaman and the rest of the run went smoothly.

Have you ever had any nightmare pug days?


2 Responses

  1. Gosh… such a shitty day 😦 I thought MY pugs were bad but you had no luck at all :\

  2. Oh wow, I’ve had fail Onyxia PUGs which caused me to never want to pug it again, but nothing quite as bad as that. I’m too scared to pug Trial or Ulduar, I should probably throw my warlock in there when she gets upto 80 with a little gear really.

    Luckily, gearscore hasn’t yet caught on over on Vashj, I think I’ve seen it asked for.. twice, and those times it was laughed at. Love our server for that.

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