Hi there, I’m Kells. I’m 20, female, and I live in New Zealand. I currently play as Horde on the Blackrock(US) server.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for about three years now. My first character to 70 was a druid and it was my main throughout Burning Crusade. I dabbled in Balance occasionally and tried bear tanking once (it was disastrous), but I pretty much stuck with tree form.

When Wrath of the Lich King came out I leveled up my alt 70, a shadow priest, and went holy in order to meet the demand for mind-controllers in Naxxramas. My priest was my main for t7 and t8 content, but when patch 3.2 came out I decided to abandon the Alliance and work on leveling my paladin.

Why a paladin? So I could have a pink name, of course.

Now I keep myself busy tanking ToC and Uld10 with my guild and pugging everything else. My druid is a cow now with the introduction of faction changes, and when I need a break from being hit in the face I’ll heal a pug 10-man or two.

This blog is mainly for me to rant about various important WoW-related issues like non-combat pets and how to spend all your gold leveling Jewelcrafting.


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