But They’re Pretty…
November 13, 2009

My hair isn't that bad, mon!
Okay so here’s the thing.

My third 80 is Alliance, a Draenei priest to be exact. She’s guildless and hardly ever touched, which is a shame because I enjoy playing priests rather a lot. So I was thinking, why not do a faction transfer and join the rest of my 80s on the dark Horde side?

It was at this point in my musings that I came upon a dilemma.

What race would I pick?

I know which race I want to pick. I’ve been a fan of Blood Elves ever since they came out despite the amount of hate they got. They just look more polished and pretty than any of the other Horde races. They have the prettiest hair, painted toenails, and I quite enjoy their jokes and flirts. Trolls would be my second choice for non-ugly Horde race, but their hair is horrible and they don’t wear shoes.

My hair isn't that bad, mon!

The main problem for me is the stereotype of idiocy Blood Elves seem to have. I know that I myself have met plenty of bad Blood Elf players – mages and death knights with terrible names and even worse dps, ¬†warlocks who can’t type or move out of fire, hunters who never seemed to have trained feign. I know that these types of players play all sorts of races, but when they’re a Blood Elf the idiocy seems to really leap out at people.

“The Death Knight died to the aoe again? Oh no wonder, he’s a Blood Elf.”

Does anyone else experience this type of stereotyping of Blood Elves? Should I ignore the haters and give in to my desire to have a pretty priest?